Maps, Graphs, and Tables from Textbook

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Maps & Geographical Tours

Chapter 1, The Ancient World
Chapter 1, Akkad Under Sargon
Chapter 1, Ancient Egypt
Chapter 1, The Egyptian Empire
Chapter 1, The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
Chapter 1, The Assyrian and New Babylonian Empires
Chapter 2, Greece in the Bronze Age
Chapter 2, Greek Cities and Colonies of the Archaic Age
Chapter 2, The Persian Empire, ca. 500 b.c.e.
Chapter 3, The Persian Wars
Chapter 3, The Delian League and the Peloponnesian War
Chapter 3, The Acropolis
Chapter 3, The Empire of Alexander the Great
Chapter 3, The Hellenistic Kingdoms
Chapter 4, Greek and Phoenician Colonies and Trade
Chapter 4, Ancient Rome
Chapter 4, Rome in 264 B.C.E.
Chapter 4, The Punic Wars
Chapter 5, The Career of Julius Caesar
Chapter 5, The Roman Empire, 14 and 117 c.e.

Chapter 5, Geographical Tour: A Tour of the Empire

Chapter 6, The Career of Publius Helvius Pertinax
Chapter 6, The Empire Under Diocletian, 284-305
Chapter 6, The Spread of Christianity
Chapter 6, Barbarian Migrations and Invasions to 400
Chapter 6, Barbarian Migrations and Invasions, 400-526
Chapter 6, The Eastern Mediterranean
Chapter 7, The Byzantine Empire Under Justinian
Chapter 7, The Byzantine Empire in 814
Chapter 7, The Spread of Islam
Chapter 7, The Ottoman Empire, ca. 1450
Chapter 8, The Barbarian Kingdoms, ca. 526
Chapter 8, The Episcopal Kin of Gregory of Tours
Chapter 8, Charlemagne’s Empire, 814

Chapter 8, Geographical Tour: Europe in the Ninth Century

Chapter 8, The Division of Charlemagne’s Empire
Chapter 9, Cluniac and Cistercian Monasteries
Chapter 9, The Crusades
Chapter 9, Italian Towns and Cities, ca. 1000
Chapter 9, Medieval Trade Networks
Chapter 9, The Empire of Otto the Great, ca. 963
Chapter 10, England and France in the Mid-1200s
Chapter 10, Central and Eastern Europe, ca. 1378
Chapter 10, The Hundred Years’ War
Chapter 10, Spread of the Black Death
Chapter 11, The Hanseatic League
Chapter 11, The Great Schism
Chapter 11, Largest Cities in Western Europe, ca. 1500
Chapter 11, Italy, 1494
Chapter 12, Portuguese Explorations
Chapter 12, Voyages of Discovery and World Empires, 1550

Chapter 12, Geographical Tour: Europe in 1500

Chapter 13, The Unification of France
Chapter 13, The Travels of Ferdinand and Isabella
Chapter 13, The Italian Wars with Key Battle Sites
Chapter 13, The Spread of Printing
Chapter 13, The Spread of Lutheranism
Chapter 13, Religious Divisions of Europe, ca. 1555
Chapter 14, Religious Divisions in France During the Wars of Religion
Chapter 14, The Habsburg Empire Under Philip II
Chapter 14, The Revolt of the Netherlands, 1555
Chapter 14, The Revolt of the Netherlands, 1609
Chapter 14, Eastern Europe, ca. 1550
Chapter 14, The Rise of Russia
Chapter 14, The Rise of Sweden
Chapter 14, Population Loss in Germany During the Thirty Years’ War
Chapter 14, The Peace of Westphalia, Europe, 1648
Chapter 15, Grain Supply and Trade in Sixteenth-Century Europe
Chapter 15, Population Density in Europe, ca. 1600
Chapter 16, Witchcraft Persecutions
Chapter 16, The English Civil War
Chapter 16, The Expansion of Russia Under Peter the Great
Chapter 17, Dutch Trade Routes, ca. 1650
Chapter 17, France Under Louis XIV
Chapter 17, War of the Spanish Succession
Chapter 17, The Treaty of Utrecht, Europe 1714
Chapter 18, The Seven Year’s War

Chapter 18, Geographical Tour: Europe in 1714

Chapter 18, The Expansion of Prussia
Chapter 18, The Partition of Poland
Chapter 18, The British Empire, ca. 1763
Chapter 19, Cereal Crops in Europe
Chapter 20, Revolutionary France
Chapter 20, Napoleon’s Empire
Chapter 21, Population Growth in Europe, 1800-1850
Chapter 21, The Europe Linen Industry
Chapter 21, Great Britain: Canals and Navigable Rivers
Chapter 21, Great Britain: Coal and Iron Ore Deposits
Chapter 21, Great Britain: Textile Centers
Chapter 21, Great Britain: Railroads, (ca. 1850)
Chapter 21, Great Britain: Manufacturing Centers
Chapter 21, The Industrial Revolution on the Continent

Chapter 22, Geographical Tour: Europe in 1815

Chapter 22, Revolutions of 1830 and 1848
Chapter 23, The Crimean War
Chapter 23, The Unification of Italy
Chapter 23, The Unification of Germany
Chapter 24, Russian Serfs
Chapter 24, The Paris Commune
Chapter 24, Jewish Migration
Chapter 25, Africa, 1914
Chapter 25, World Colonial Holdings, ca. 1914
Chapter 26, European Alliances on the Eve of World War I
Chapter 26, Linguistic Groups in Austria-Hungary
Chapter 26, The Schlieffen Plan
Chapter 26, World War I
Chapter 26, Europe After World War I
Chapter 26, Revolution and Civil War in Russia, 1914-1920

Chapter 27, Geographical Tour: Europe after 1918

Chapter 28, Europe: Types of Government
Chapter 28, The Spanish Civil War
Chapter 28, World War II in Europe
Chapter 28, The Division of France
Chapter 28, The Holocaust
Chapter 28, World War II in the Pacific, 1941-1945
Chapter 28, Territorial Gains of the USSR
Chapter 28, The Cold War: U.S. and Soviet Alliances
Chapter 28, The Division of Germany
Chapter 28, European Migration After World War II
Chapter 28, Decolonization
Chapter 28, Republics of the Soviet Union
Chapter 28, Reunified Germany, October 1990
Chapter 30, Events in Eastern Europe, 1989-1990
Chapter 30, The Balkans, 2000
Chapter 30, Europe, 2000

Chronologies, Genealogies, and Figures

Chapter 1, Chronology: Before Civilization
Chapter 1, Chronology: Between the Two Rivers
Chapter 1, Chronology: The Gift of the Nile
Chapter 1, Chronology: Between Two Worlds
Chapter 2, Chronology: Greece in the Bronze Age
Chapter 2, Chronology: Archaic Greece
Chapter 3, Chronology: Classical Greece
Chapter 4, Chronology: The Roman Republic
Chapter 5, Chronology: The End of the Republic
Chapter 5, Chronology: The Roman Empire
Chapter 7, Chronology: The Byzantine Empire and the Rise of Islam
Chapter 9, Chronology: Prominent Popes and Religious Figures of the High Middle Ages
Chapter 10, Genealogy: The French and English Successions
Chapter 10, Chronology: The Later Middle Ages, 1300-1500
Chapter 13, Chronology: The Reformation and the Counter-Reformation
Chapter 14, Chronology: The French Wars of Religion
Chapter 14, Chronology: Revolt of the Netherlands
Chapter 14, Chronology: The Thirty Years’ War
Chapter 16, European Population Data
Chapter 16, War and Peace in Europe, 1598-1650
Chapter 17, Genealogy: The Spanish Succession
Chapter 18, Chronology: The New European Powers
Chapter 19, Chronology: Major Works of the Enlightenment
Chapter 20, Chronology: The French Revolution
Chapter 20, Chronology: The Reign of Napoleon
Chapter 21, Yield Ratios for Grain Crops, 1400-1800
Chapter 22, Chronology: The Alliance System
Chapter 22, Chronology: Protest and Revolution
Chapter 23, Chronology: State-Building and Social Change
Chapter 25, Chronology: European Crisis and the Balance of Power
Chapter 25, Chronology: The New Imperialism in Africa and Asia
Chapter 26, Chronology: Fighting the Great War
Chapter 26, Chronology: The Russian Revolution
Chapter 27, Cronology: International Politics
Chapter 27, Chronology: The Soviet Unionís Separate Path
Chapter 27, National Income of the Powers in 1937 and Percentage Spent on Defense
Chapter 27, Chronology: The Rise of Fascism and Democracy in Crisis
Chapter 28, Tank Production in 1944
Chapter 28, Chronology: World War II
Chapter 29, Chronology: Economic Recovery and DÈtente
Chapter 30, Balance Sheet: East and the West Germany on the Eve of Unification
Chapter 30, Chronology: The Velvet Revolutions