Ancient China Top 10

1. Yu the Great- stopped Yellow River from flooding
2. Shang Dynasty- Known for Oracle bones (1st recorded writing in China), Oracle bones calendar (lunar system), Evolution of Chinese writing- pictographs, Ancestor worship (1st to record it),Weapon development
3. Mandate of Heaven- the way china was ruled.
Leader- virtuous
Leadership justified by succeeding generations
Could be revoked by negligence/ abuse
4. Dynastic Cycle- shows the life and death of a dynasty
5. Zhou Civil War- Better weapons, communication systems lead to this, Spur for Confucius to learn how to make stability
6. Confucius-Teacher/ editor of books, Organize social interactions based on status, age, gender, Wrote “The Analects” to teach his ideas about good government
7. Shi Huangd-Qin Dynasty 221 - 206 BCE: Legalized rule, Bureaucratic administration, centralized control, military expansion, book burnings, targeted Confucius's, buried protestors alive. Standardized law, space, and money. Improved traits from previous dynasties. Started Great Wall of China
8. The Han Dynasty 206BCE-220 AD, (classical China)- -Lasted 400 years, Invented paper, Buddhism introduced to China, Expanded into Central Asia; silk road trade develops; improves life for many, The Han uses the organization that the empire created by the Chin as a foundation for a civilization of wealth, luxury, education, money, trade, and all sorts of goodness. • Han Dynasty- Raise taxes-Peasants get angry, Revolts lead to downfall of the Chinese government, China extends into chaos and war like states rule for 350 years.
9. Era of Division years Sui-Tang- Central government falls and military takes over
10. Emperor Wen Ti and Son Yang- Sui dynasty- Overspent money and his cruelty, Land equalization, unified coinage, professional soldiers army, internal administration improved, Grand Canal reconstructed.
11. Emperor Wudi- -public school, colonized Manchuria; Korea, and Vietnam, Civil service system, bureaucrats, Confucian scholar, revival of Chinese landscape painting.
12. T'ang- 618-906- better administration system, imperial examination systems perfected, Liberal toward all religions, spread of Buddhism in China, golden age of foreign relations with other countries like Japan, Korea, Persia, Increased boundaries and increased size of China, Heavy dependence on Militarism, New technology, Foot Breaking. Grand Canal- allowed for communication throughout Empire, helped T'ang transport goods to north in times of famine, canals caused economic development.

Famous Quotes:
Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

“People of the Han.” Another name the majority Chinese call themselves

“When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.” – Confucius

The Chinese people were very important people of their time. The Chinese people invented many new things that are still used today even. For example the invented paper, what would we do without paper today? They helped with the spread of Buddhism and record keeping. They started to keep records on oracle bones. This helped us figure out what was done during their time with accurate records. In their time period they were one of the main parts of the Silk Road. If they didn’t exist then maybe the Romans would have never survived. Many forms of government and the beginning of schools were started in this time period. Without Ancient China we wouldn’t have any of these things.